BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) a division of Government of India Enterprises We have received the Academic Industrial Collaborative BIRAC Project (IIPM- Medical Devices) to design the glucose sensor. Among the all kind of disorder Diabetes is considered as the one of quick getting the known unhealthy reputation of a potential pandemic in India. All around there are 62 million diabetic people at present determined to have the malady and numerous more. As per as report generated in the previous time in 2000yr we have got the report in which India (31.7 million) is considered as top rundown of the world with the most elevated number of individuals with diabetes mellitus took just after this in second position China (20.8 million) is considered and just after that in the third place United States of America (17.7 million) separately. Using the Nanotechnology we will design the portable enhanced version of Glucose Monitoring Sensor that can be cost effective and user friendly.  Nanotechnology is a quickly creating innovation with the possibility to give our society with an extensive variety of items to be utilized as a part of different propelled innovation applications.