Details for CareUp Plus Membership

IEEARC  aiming to provide affordable and accessible health care services. Access to network of premium Hospital and Save Money.


Process :

First, take a prior appointment or call +91-9871916087.

Confirmation SMS will be generated to your mobile no.

Visit to any of our TieUp Hospitals

You will get discount and save money on medical bills.


Service Charges

IEEARC will charge 15% of savings + Payment gateway charges.

Terms of services: When service charges are not paid

  • If the customer did not pay the service charges then CareUp Plus Membership will be canceled for complete family and the company will never re-issue again the membership for 1 Year. 
  • Members will no longer get a discount from any hospital.
  • If service charges not paid, IEEARC having the right to take back the discount and while visiting any of hospital that whatever the amount customer saves by getting the discount by using CareUp Plus Membership will be taken back from any of the hospitals from any location.


How it works:

Before you visit any hospital you have to take a Pass or OTP confirmation from IEEARC and we will book an appointment and confirm to give Discount/concession on your medical bill.

While applying to Membership you agree to all the terms and conditions of the company.