Welcome to IEEARC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

IEEARC Technologies is Innovation hub where we culture and incubate the innovative ideas from every sector. It’s a multidisciplinary Research and Development organisation, where we seeking the possibilities for enhancement in present technology by approaching new methodologies of work. We love to work in different sectors like Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Pollution control and Internet of things etc. We feel creativity and innovative idea can help to enhance the quality of product or services by making it cost-effective and user friendly for large scale market. We feel technology has to reach to people beyond social and economic barrier and ensure that our innovations are meaningful, distinctive and culturally relevant.

Incubation Hub

Virtual lab for new ideas
Nurture your innovation

Cash Prize

Top IIIC -2017 will get 1 Lac Cash Prize
Award and Certificate
Internship opportunities


Get expert advice for your project
Guidance from career counselling expert
Project guidance


Start-up Collaboration
Design Business Model
Technical and Marketing support



  • Competition is all about your imagination and innovative skills.
  • Helps you to bring your imagination to innovation.
  • Submit your Innovative ideas, Business model and Critical analysis for current problem.
  • IEEARC will help to nurture the entrepreneurs and we assist you to design your business plan by our experts.
  • For More details download the E-Brusher.


  • Top selected will get 1 Lac Rs Cash Prize.
  • More than1000 innovators will get Gold Medal, Award and certificate.
  • All participants will get the personal career counseling for free from our experts we help you find the better career.
  • Help you to create your business model.
  • Opportunity to work with IEEARC.

Advising Members

Asst. Prof. Dr. Utkarsh Jain
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nidhi Chauhan
Nanotechnology (Biosensors)
Ast Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Giri
CS/IT (Android &iOS )
Ast Prof. Dr. Deepak Tripathi
Research Methodology
Mr. Rohit Gupta
Industrial Research Expert (Big Phi Technologies)

Important Dates

Last date to Apply : 31 December 2017
Notice of Acceptance : 14 January 2018


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