Health Risk Analysis

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Get your health risk analysis in 15 days

We Go Beyond Annual Health Checkups to Make you Healthy and Achieve Longer life

87 %  Early and Mid-Diabetes Patients aged 20-45  prevented Kidney Failure

85%  Diabetes Patients Prevented from Heart Attack

70% Diabetes + Blood Pressure + Heart Issues Patient prevented from 2nd Heart Attack

How we have done

  1. Regular monitoring
  2. Accurate Decision
  3. Precise medication
  4. Medicine effectiveness monitoring

How do we do?


I am taking a full body checkup so how this process can be helpful?

So full body checkup it’s not enough because that is your today current health and you still have to rest for 11 months where the body silently changes due to diet, medicine, and environmental changes.

Patient Sucess Story

Learn More About Data-Driven Treatment Process watch this

Deep analysis for type2 and type 1 diabetes, normal sugar level, hba1c, and heart attack, identifies diabetes complication symptoms, heart attack symptoms


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    Its very Useful I am a diabetic patient and manage my health is very complex the medicine i have taken all of a sudden lower my blood sugar and I don’t have any idea what is the reason . During INIGIMA Digital screening I precisely come to know regarding my health and medication response. I recommend the patient to use one time and get the experience

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