IEEARC Technologies is Innovation hub where we culture and incubate the innovative ideas from every sector. It’s a multidisciplinary Research and Development organisation, where we seeking the possibilities for enhancement in present technology by approaching new methodologies of work. We love to work in different sectors like Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Pollution control and Internet of things etc. We feel creativity and innovative idea can help to enhance the quality of product or services by making it cost-effective and user friendly for large scale market. We feel technology has to reach to people beyond social and economic barrier and ensure that our innovations are meaningful, distinctive and culturally relevant.
We are creating an ecosystem where it will become innovation hub for young ingenious mind to develop their creativity and imagination. We would like to promote the innovation and Entrepreneurship and turn the innovative idea to a unique problem solving technique. To build the Entrepreneurship skill and support for make in India we are looking for the individual to accept the challenge and solve the current challenges by their innovative skills, Every day we are facing new problem a new challenge so every day we have come up with new ideas and your innovative ideas can be lead toward the new future. This Grand Innovative Idea Challenge can be a platform for your innovative idea to implement in real world it’s time to turn your imagination to innovation.

IIIC 2017 -18

IIIC International Innovative Idea Challenge -2017 welcome of any design or concept and new methodology of work that can integrate in existence technology and possibly reduce the cost of whole system with increasing their efficiency. If the concept is feasible we will help them to build. Creating job is always better then searching for job, we will help emerging entrepreneur to build their product and make the business plan help to restructure their business model so that can become a successful venture.

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