We are Delhi based Healthcare start-up to empower healthcare by reducing the financial burden and communication gap. We are one of the top selected start-ups by NITI Aayog and IIM -Ahmedabad. Academic-Industrial Collaboration with Amity University in one of the Government projects funded by BIRAC (Unit of DST). We are funded and Incubated by Delhi Government under Delhi University SIIF Incubation.

IEEARC Technologies is Innovation hub where we culture and incubate the innovative ideas. It’s a multidisciplinary Research and Development organization, where we seeking the possibilities for enhancement in present technology by approaching new methodologies of work. We work in different sectors like Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Pollution control and Internet of things etc.

CareUp Plus aiming to provide smart, affordable and accessible healthcare services by integrating telemedicine Platform in E-Clinic and Health finance. We feel healthcare services has to reach beyond the social and economic barrier.

Access to healthcare services is critical in rural residents and face a variety of access barriers.  Mostly, rural areas are constantly facing the challenge for healthcare services some of the facilities like availability of blood bank and hospitals. There is no facilities to store the blood and no proper donation camp organized. In addition to that, rural areas don’t have healthcare center and expert doctor to consult during any medical emergency and get expert advice or prescription. Rural communities have long struggled to maintain access to quality health care services. There is a communication gap between patient and healthcare facilities that we are going to solve.

CareUp+ is a social healthcare app having features of Virtual Blood Bank and Virtual Clinic Assistance. The Virtual Clinic Assistance is the concept of using telemedicine. The user can share diagnostics report and then using video chat, health care professionals are able to diagnose and treat patients without the need for long travels or in-person hospital visits able to provide intensive care services with the help of specialists in other facilities via remote patient monitoring systems.

Remote areas where the facilities of blood bank not present; they can also access the blood facilities having a Centralized database of users which acts as a Virtual Blood Bank. An individual can search in just one click and search donor near to location and communicate with them through chat panel.


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