We are trying to solve the one of the major problem associated with the healthcare system e.g. availability of blood bank most of areas still facing the problem of blood bank and the some hospitals also don’t have the facility to store the blood. One of the recent project is empower the healthcare system and improve the facility of blood bank in rural areas.

Often we have seen when a person is stuck in medical emergency where immediate blood transfusion is required, which may be due to an accident, loss of blood during operation and there are so many medical reasons where blood is required. In India still there are so many places where Blood Banks are not available.

CareUp Plus you can find the donor as an individual or blood bank and you also know who is nearest to you and communicate through our chat panel. To solve this Problem we are creating a Virtual Blood Bank (VBB) System so in remote areas where the facilities of blood bank not present; they can also access the blood. When you have the database of individual in city so in any medical emergencies hospital can call that person and take the blood in real time. So it’s a fast and effective way of communication. Be part of network that saves a life.