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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Digital Screening and how it works?

It means you don’t need to visit any lab or a special kit is required online with few data points we analyse the patient. We use the vast amount of patient data and earlier responses with exact pattern trends and with deep analysis we try to learn how patients become healthy to unhealthy and estimate the future risk.

I am a Diabetes / Blood Pressure patient how it can help?

It will help you to understand the trend and estimate the future risk and if you are taking any medicine then it helps to understand If that medicine work or causes reaction side effects. More often patients do tests at home with a glucometer/ BP machine the blood sugar reading or blood pressure reading also HBA1C every 3 months. There are two parameters we record for patient Physiological and Health data INIGIMA Maintain the reading and also explain according to the international guideline.

I am overweight my primary goal is to reduce weight why should I use INIGIMA Digital Screening?

Definitely, the primary goal is to reduce weight but if you are overweight and by the time you are Diabetes or Blood Pressure Patient this will not solve your problem. It does reduce the risk but still, you must closely monitor the Blood Pressure / Blood Sugar parameters.

How frequently do we need to update the data?

It depends upon the Age, Patient’s condition and Doctor’s Guidelines and objective of Screening. We process the data 2 times every 15 days.