A good doctor and the best doctor

There is a difference between being a good doctor and the best doctor

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” — William Osler

How you manage the patient that defines the quality of treatment of that doctor. This article will help you to learn how you can connect with your patients.

As we all know Individuals with Diabetes Blood Pressure or Heart Issues are often seen in many families and later these patients convert as IPD Patients for Kidney Failure, Heart Failure, Stroke, Blindness, Paralysis attack on the half side and many more… and there are many other complications which are reported. In India, these cases are increasing day by day.


Now the question is how doctors can help their patients in a more effective way.

We already have fewer doctors and more patients and follow-up with existing patients is beyond the one-doctor capacity. Since chronic disease management requires continuous monitoring, guidance and support, we need to closely monitor each patient according to the profile.

INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis solves this problem and we are working with the best and most knowledgeable carers who really care for the patients. This technology enables them to create a digital twin and, while sitting at home, make patients do digital diagnoses and get the report on behalf of the doctors.

So every patient gets continuous monitoring under one umbrella and that makes patients always connect with their doctor.

Imagine the time one doctor is saving to read historical health data and get the analysis. But this one-step login platform helps doctors to analyse years of data in just a few seconds.

The best part of INIGIMA is the easy user interface for doctors and patients. With this platform, you can manage even thousands of patients and make them stay healthy.

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