Bridging the Gap: INIGIMA Digital Diagnosis Parents Care

Bridging the Gap: How INIGIMA Digital Diagnosis Restored Peace of Mind for Ashish and His Parents

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Meet Ashish, a diligent working professional in a bustling bank, whose career journey has kept him miles away from his parents, nearly 1000 km away from his hometown. Ashish’s heart was always filled with concern as he juggled his responsibilities, constantly worrying about his parents’ health from a distance. His hectic work schedule often left him working late into the night, making it challenging to stay updated about his parents’ well-being.

The feeling of helplessness gnawed at him; he longed to be there for his parents, to observe their health situation closely, but the demands of his job and the geographical distance made it nearly impossible. Every night, he would make a call, seeking detailed updates, but there were occasions when his professional commitments took precedence, leaving him unable to connect with his family.

In this period of distress, Ashish found solace in a conversation with a thoughtful friend. This friend recommended a comprehensive solution – a deep analysis of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart issues. The advice came with an introduction to INIGIMA, a revolutionary digital diagnosis platform. The INIGIMA team, with their compassionate approach, personally connected with Ashish’s parents. They gathered detailed feedback on their health and established a seamless channel for remote health monitoring.

INIGIMA Dashboard of Ashish Father


Embracing this innovative platform, Ashish found a ray of hope. For the past year, he has been using INIGIMA diligently, closely tracking his parents’ health parameters such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure. What set INIGIMA apart was its ability to provide detailed reports, ensuring that the prescribed medicines were working effectively. Even during his late-night work marathons, when he was unable to communicate directly, Ashish found comfort in the fact that he was still able to care for his parents.


INIGIMA Dashboard of Ashish Father


The relief he experienced was immeasurable. No longer did he have to endure sleepless nights worrying about his parents’ well-being. INIGIMA became his trusted companion, allowing him to bridge the physical distance and actively participate in his parents’ healthcare journey.

Today, Ashish is not just a working professional; he is a devoted son who can fulfil his responsibilities without compromising his career. He Said Thanks to INIGIMA technology and the people, he can work diligently, knowing that his parents are being looked after, their health monitored meticulously, and any issues promptly addressed.

In a world where physical distances often separate families, INIGIMA stands as a beacon of hope, connecting hearts and ensuring that love and care know no boundaries. Ashish’s story is a testament to the transformative power of technology, reminding us that even in the busiest of lives, we can be there for our loved ones, every step of the way.


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