Covid-19 , Diabetic Complication and Solution at home

People with a proven history of moderate to severe Covid-19 have been observed to experience a variety of recurring and new health problems. These include diabetes, myocarditis, thyroid illness, weakness, weight loss, hair loss, and hypoxia (being reported as one of most common diseases).


Numerous international studies have noted an increase in the number of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes with a history of COVID-19.

Diabetes by itself is a pro-inflammatory condition that increases the likelihood of an inflammatory reaction and Covid-19, which worsens blood sugar levels. For those with known diabetes, Covid-19 caused abnormal blood glucose levels to exceed (above the normal range). Due to severe Covid-19 therapy side effects, the use of steroids made the patients’ glucose levels even worse. Acute infections like Covid, which cause a stress reaction, raise Hb1ac readings in the blood, which may be normal. This is what we refer to as new onset diabetes brought on by COVID-19.

Diabetes-related high blood sugar that is left untreated can have major health consequences and harm to the kidneys, eyes, nerves, and other organs. According to studies, Indians may develop diabetes 15 years earlier than the general western population. Access to high-calorie foods, unpredictable eating habits, and sedentary lifestyles are a few of the preexisting characteristics that have been linked to an increase in diabetes incidence. Therefore, patients who have received steroids due to serious Covid-19 symptoms are encouraged to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels after they have recovered from the virus in order to make an early and accurate diagnosis.






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