Barrier to Managing the Diabetes 

A Barrier to Managing Diabetes: Drug Resistance in Diabetic Patients

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India has over 100 mn diabetics & 136 mn pre-diabetics, says a new ICMR study. Every day that passes by, there are more and more diabetes patients, which creates a worrying situation because the disease has dangerous side effects like renal failure and heart attacks. While Type-1 diabetes is more common in children and younger people with relatively low incidence worldwide, Type-2 diabetes is more common in older people and accounts for roughly 80–90% of diabetic individuals. 


Diabetes sufferers must control their blood sugar levels either by using insulin, taking oral antidiabetic medications, or living a healthy lifestyle. 

 How Type 1 Diabetes maintain normal sugar level

People with type 1 diabetes who needed insulin therapy as a required prescription faced some potentially fatal side effects, including decreased insulin secretion, elevated plasma glucose, and ketoacidosis. 

How Type 2 Diabetes maintain normal sugar level

However, Type-2 diabetes can be mostly controlled by monotherapy; nonetheless, combination medication may eventually be necessary. Therefore, it is highly advised to gradually add additional medications to primary therapy in order to attain the target glycemic index. 

Despite their capacity to control or normalize plasma glucose level, anti-diabetic medications have a short duration. Impaired glucose regulation may be a side effect of antihypertensive medications (glucocorticoids, beta-blockers, and nicotinic acid) that have the ability to lower blood pressure.

Blood glucose levels are controlled and inflammation is reduced by glucocorticoids. But it appears that the primary cause of drug resistance is the excessive use of antidiabetic medications to lower the body’s glycemic level.


Drug Resistance in Diabetic Patients

Recent research confirms that overuse of antidiabetic drugs in order to lower the glycemic level of the body is considered the main reason for drug resistance. Nowadays, it’s very common for patients to be unaware of whether or not their medication is working for them. 


Key Points for Diabetes Management

Don’t take the random medication approach other wise in the long run you will suffer from side-effect and poor management of blood sugar. In recent times, awareness is also important for doctors and patients, the lack of information is also one of the barriers to achieving a precise and effective treatment.  

Because of this, it’s crucial to keep an eye on how the drug is responding in your body does it affect or causes hypoglycemia. If there are any symptoms you can record them in a health analytics tool like INIGIMA Cloud  Diagnosis is extremely helpful for diabetic patients it helps doctors and patients to understand the progress of the treatment. As you proceed with treatment, your provider will likely ask you to keep track of your symptoms. You could do this in a variety of ways, For example, Digital Screening plays a very important role if you are suffering from multiple complications like diabetes, blood pressure, heart issues and obesity patient. It helps to maintain good health and achieve a longer life. 

INIGIMA maintain the disease journey of the patient, we are simplifying the complex data management system using a big data digital twin model to achieve effective and precise care for patient.


Health Improvement Key Points :


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