Diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease)

Today, kidney disease is a significant public health issue. Until it is quite advanced, kidney disease frequently goes undiagnosed. Unfortunately, this is the time when someone would require a transplant or dialysis. Evidence suggests that 1 in 3 adults with diabetes may have chronic kidney disease.

You have a very high probability that you are already affected by diabetes and that is why it’s very important to track and monitor your health.

There are a few things that anyone can do at home like digital screening of your health. It can help you to track your health performance and with deep data analytics, we can help you to identify future risks.

There are many technologies which are available like IBM Watson, INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis which help in Digital Screening for patients with the data-driven model. In addition to that these are ten times more effective and pocket friendly.




Dr Subham Kumar , MBBS General Physician

Clinical Data Analyst @ INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis



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