Diagnose Lab for testing future heart attack

Even a mild case of COVID-19 can increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular problems for at least a year after diagnosis, a new study shows

People with a proven history of moderate to severe Covid-19 have been observed to experience a variety of recurring and new health problems. These include diabetes, myocarditis, thyroid illness, weakness, weight loss, hair loss, and hypoxia (being reported as one of the most common diseases).

INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis is a Self-Check-up Mechanism which helps diabetic, blood pressure patients to perform digital screening with the help of experts and this process will continue to see the pattern of health and understand the long-term complication.

You have probably seen many patients get a sudden heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke, have you ever thought … They are going the gym, take annual health check-up and proper diet then what is a factor which lead them to sudden death?

For almost 10 % -20 % we can say cases are all of a sudden but in 80 % of cases it can be predicted that this person can get a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure in future.

So you have an 80% chance to predict your deadly disease if you have INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis, It’s a Platform which systematically arranges the health data and creates your digital twin and then understands the pattern of health and how it changes over the period of time.

This recent technology is proven by CSIR Lab and behind the data analyst, the group of health care experts are there who monitor the data. The user will get the annual health report for the health which include the disease progression rate, immunity analysis and predictive analysis.

If your family member anyone having diabetes, blood pressure, or heart issues can begin INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis at home time anywhere.


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