High BP at Wintertime

All the health issues have arrived with winter. Everything is on the rise, from excessive blood sugar to heart-related problems. Here, we’ll discuss the potential causes of high blood pressure during the winter and how to treat it.


High blood pressure: Many people already struggle to stay healthy throughout the winter.

It is particularly challenging for those who have conditions like arthritis, hypertension, etc. to manage the severity of such problems. When it’s cold outdoors, most of us prefer to stay inside, which limits our capacity to be physically active.

 Food choices are also affected, and it has been observed that consumption of salt and sugar increases during the winter. All of these factors have an effect on our general health. As a result, blood flow is restricted in order to maintain body temperature and retain heat, which increases blood pressure.

In cold weather, blood vessels and coronary arteries narrow. As a result, the blood vessels become more constricted, blood pressure rises, and the heart’s oxygen supply is reduced. This shows that the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders increases during the winter in addition to the worsening of hypertension. In addition to the cold temperature, other factors can have an impact on blood pressure.

The body can also respond to abrupt weather changes like a storm or a weather front. Sudden variations in wind, air pressure, cloud cover, or humidity can potentially affect blood artery function. Attempt to avoid putting your body under more stress than is required in order to prevent winter hypertension.

  • This covers hard physical activity, heavy lifting, etc.
  • When it’s terribly cold outside, especially if it’s windy, stay inside.This can lead to a sudden change in the workload on the heart.
  • If you don’t want the heart to pump more forcefully, you must save body heat. Wear layers to stay warm.
  • When going outside, put on gloves, a wool cap or scarf, and shoes. These would reduce how much of the body’s exposure to the outside temperature. Keeping the body warm could prevent a rise in blood pressure.
  • Because they hasten the loss of body heat, caffeine and alcohol consumption should be avoided.



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