Indian Foods with Low Glycemic Index


Low-glycemic dietary options help reduce blood sugar increases and the risk of developing diabetes. The Indian food items which are calculated to have a moderate glycemic index, that is, between 55 – 70, are listed below: 

List of Indian Veggies with a Low GI If you eat according to the Glycemic Index of foods, you will 90% get it right and stay healthy and lean. When consumed, low-GI foods don’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels. That’s wonderful news because this is the best state for our body to burn fat. Since it is frequently asked whether Indian Dals are healthy or whether eating strawberries or bhindi is okay, we have put together a list of Indian foods with low GI. Look at the tables below.

S.No. Food Group Food Glycemic Index
1. Cereals  Muesli  57
2. Rye  64
3. Brown rice 50
4. Couscous 65
5. Basmati rice 55
6. Vegetables  Yam  54
7. Beetroot  61
8. Sweet potato 70
9. Fruits  Papaya  60
10. Cantaloupe  65
11. Pineapple  59
12. Raisins  64
13. Dairy products Ice-cream  57
14. Others  Honey  61
15. Table Sugar 63
16. Brown sugar 64
17. Noodles 53
18. Soft drinks 65






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