My blood pressure is 140/70 Is it high?

My blood pressure is 140/70 Is it high?

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First of all the blood pressure is keep on changing over a period of time if you are stressed your blood pressure will be automatically high. Let’s say you are married and arguing with your wife it will also increase your blood pressure well I am just kidding but it’s true that stress can fluctuate your blood pressure apart from that there are multiple factors which are responsible for increasing your Blood Pressure. if your blood pressure is 140/70 yes its high. Because normal blood pressure is range from 90/60mmHg to 120/80mmHg.

In order to understand if you really are a Blood Pressure patient or not you have to check your blood pressure multiple times in Morning Afternoon and Night. If we go into more detail then we need to analyze the BMI, Age and pre-existing condition.

There is a better tool available to manage the health data and give you meaningful information not only that they suggest you the best health guidelines and prevent you from future complications.

People ask Google and Quora Can I get a heart attack well google doesn’t have any idea if you are a male or female age or pre-existing condition Right? So it’s not possible to suggest but INIGIMA can help you to get a clear idea of health through deep data analytics by identifying the trend and pattern of your health.


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