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One of the biggest mistakes in the business is that people think gaining leads is the most difficult part of running a business, but studies show the retention of customers is the most important to run the business and remaining profitable


Well, running an advertisement can give you the customer one time not necessary they will come again and give your reference to bring more customers.

The same thing is applicable if you run your own clinic.

Have you ever given thought, why only some hospitals and doctors gain more patients while you have the same qualifications and capability to treat the patient?

Our research show after consultation with one doctor-patient goes for 3 to 4 new doctors for the same problem. It means the patient is losing the trust of the Doctor after 1 or 2 consultations.

Get Effective treatment for patients 

Doctors deal with many patients it’s practically impossible to remember each patient’s case study and recall the medication that was given on the last visit. If you want to improve the medication then you must know the patient case history which will help you to take a better decision. Most important the patient will experience the process that how my doctors pay attention to my health condition.

Where is the problem with Doctors?

Follow-up with the patient is not possible once the patient goes home there is no longer connection between the Doctor and the Patient hence they lose the connectivity and next time likely to prefer any doctor.  

Since the problem of lifestyle disease patients is something that requires continued engagement so follow-up and monitoring is one of the unavoidable tasks.  

Doctors analyse the patient with another diagnosis like CBC, Blood Sugar, and the same way doctors are now prescribing INIGIMA Digital Screening. And this process run throughout the medication process so doctors connect with the patient all the time.

What is INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis and Digital Screening Process?

Unlike other diagnoses it’s a Data Analytics Platform which creates a Digital Twin of a patient and record all kind of physiological analysis in a given interval of time, right now digital screening is done for Heart Physiology, Kidney Physiology, Stroke Physiology, Liver Physiology, Urine, Cough, Analysis. All the basic data can help to get a deeper insight into the patient even if the patient is not physically present. A doctor can access the dashboard and it takes only 45 seconds to analyse the last 2-3 years of data.

How INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis Work ?

It’s a SaaS platform which deploys to Doctor and Patient and the INIGIMA team continuously manage and looks at the patient data on behalf of Doctors and prepares the report. With Implementing INIGIMA 80 % of patient engagement increased thus it automatically grows the income of the doctors and smooths the digital journey of the patient.




Is INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis Validated?

Yes INIGIMA Cloud Diagnosis get the Validation from CSIR Lab Toxicology Department, NASSCOM, and Microsoft Accelerator. It’s also validated by the MIT USA team in MIT SOLVE Challenge.


How can I associate with INIGIMA and Implement it in my clinic?

Just write to contact@ieearc.com    or  call +91-9871916087  

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