Want to Predict the Heart Attack

The good news is that heart attacks are largely avoidable, and early diagnosis and treatment considerably improve the prognosis. Examples of these basic lifestyle changes include cutting back on alcohol and tobacco usage, eating healthily, and exercising. The multifactorial nature of various contributory risk factors, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc., makes it challenging to identify high-risk patients. Data mining and machine learning can help in this situation.

When we are talking about predictive analytics it seems to be impossible in early 2000 but now there are advanced new data analytics methods has been already developed by a team of doctors scientists and data analysts. Now the patient while sitting at the home can perform a deep analysis of health. The INIGIMA Digital twin is a method which creates a digital profile for a patient and records basic health data and understands the variation.


Let’s a patient enrol for digital screening from Day 1 to Day 365 all the basic parameters and physiology will be recorded and studied by a team of healthcare experts from all domains and finally, the risk report will be generated.

INIGIMA Early Diagnosis is a proven and validated platform by CSIR-IITR Labs (Central Govt Labs), NASSCOM, and Microsoft Accelerator. It’s trusted by 1000+ Diabetic, Blood Pressure, and Heart Issues patients and we are managing their health profile.

Get your digital screening to avoid any complicated issues.  

Dr Pawan Kumar Reddy MBBS MD Medicine

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