World Heart Day : Let’s Prevent Future Heart Attack

World Heart Day : Let’s Prevent Future Heart Attack

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In today’s world, the importance of heart health has been magnified, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite our efforts to stay healthy, sometimes we overlook small factors that can lead to severe conditions.

Shockingly, around 1.7 crore people die every year due to cardiovascular diseases, accounting for approximately 31% of all global deaths. Heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease are the leading causes of death related to cardiovascular disorders, contributing to almost 85% of these fatalities.

The heart is a vital organ, and its malfunction can be fatal. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to prioritize their heart health.

This year, the theme for World Heart Day 2023 is “Use Heart, Know Heart.” It serves as a reminder for people worldwide to take care of their hearts. The theme underscores the importance of understanding one’s own heart because one can only love and protect what they are aware of. In a world where knowledge about heart health is limited and policies often fall short, this day aims to break barriers and empower individuals to take control of their well-being. Understanding more about our hearts enables us to take better care of them.

INIGIMA Digital Screening provides a modern and personalized way to keep track of your health, concerning your heart. Here’s how it works:


  1. Personalized Monitoring:

INIGIMA understands that our lives can get incredibly busy, making it easy to overlook our health. That’s why they offer a unique approach. They use advanced technology and a human-centred method to keep a close eye on your health. Think of it like having a personalized health assistant that pays attention to your body’s signals.


  1. Creating a Digital Twin:

Imagine having a virtual replica of your body, created through deep analysis of various health data like your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and body weight. This virtual model helps experts at INIGIMA observe patterns and trends in your health over time.

  1. Predicting Future Risks:

By studying these patterns, INIGIMA can predict potential risks to your heart health in the future. This is incredibly valuable because it allows you to take preventive measures before a serious problem develops. Catching issues early can make a significant difference in your overall well-being.


  1. Early Intervention and Lifestyle Changes:

If INIGIMA identifies a risk, they can suggest early interventions. This might include specific medications or lifestyle changes tailored to your needs. For instance, they could recommend a certain type of exercise, dietary adjustments, or stress management techniques.


  1. Precision Medications:

INIGIMA’s approach doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they identify precise medications that work best for you based on their in-depth analysis. This means you get treatments that are specifically suited to your body’s requirements, improving their effectiveness.


In simple terms, INIGIMA Digital Screening is like having a highly knowledgeable health companion. It watches over your health data, identifies potential problems before they become serious, and guides you on the best ways to keep your heart and overall health in great shape. It’s a tailored, proactive, and modern approach to healthcare, ensuring you stay ahead of any potential heart-related issues.


What to do if you already experience a heart attack

After experiencing a heart attack, it serves as a critical moment to embrace heart-healthy habits to ensure a healthier future. Here’s how you can improve your heart health, especially with the support of INIGIMA Digital Screening:


Take Prescribed Medications:

Ensure that you take your medications exactly as your doctor has instructed. It’s crucial to adhere to the prescribed regimen. If you encounter any side effects, discuss them openly with your doctor and add each side effect to INIGIMA Daily Health Status. They can provide guidance on what to expect and when to reach out if concerns arise. Proper medication management significantly contributes to heart health.


Participate in Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Many hospitals and healthcare centers offer cardiac rehabilitation programs following a heart attack. These programs are designed to help you recover and strengthen your heart. During these sessions, you exercise while wearing a heart rate monitor. This monitoring ensures that your heart rate stays within safe limits while you engage in physical activities, aiding your heart’s recovery.


Deep Analysis INIGIMA Digital Screening:

Frequent Screening is an invaluable tool in your post-heart attack journey. They conduct comprehensive screenings to detect various medical conditions that could affect your heart health, such as physiological changes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and lipid profile issues. By assessing your overall health, INIGIMA helps you identify areas that need attention. This proactive approach enables you to take specific steps to enhance your health, consequently reducing your risk of future heart attacks.


In essence, INIGIMA Digital Screening provides a tailored and proactive way to monitor your health, especially after a heart attack. By addressing potential risk factors promptly and accurately, you can work towards a healthier heart and a better quality of life. Their screenings serve as a crucial step in your post-heart attack care, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.


Use of Google for Health Information

In recent times, individuals often turn to Google for self-diagnosis. However, it’s crucial to recognize that each patient is unique, and their reactions to diet or medication can vary greatly. There are emerging methods to anticipate future health outcomes through advanced data analytics, much like how we predict weather patterns. Specialized tools such as INIGIMA Digital Screening exist to evaluate health data like Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure, analyzing patterns and symptoms. This technology aids in comprehending how the body responds to medication, offering insights that guide informed decisions alongside a healthcare professional.


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