Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms

The Facts for Diabetic, Hypertensive (BP), CVD Heart patient    

  1. You need to understand Diabetes blood pressure or heart issues is not a one-day or month process,
  2. These conditions develop over a period of time & slowly convert into secondary complications like Heart Attack, Stroke, and Kidney Failure.

Have you heard this news  Sudden’ cardiac arrest is a myth, says India’s top cardiologist

The most common reason for Sudden heart attack death is due to :

1.   Lack of Continuous Monitoring and

2.  Unable to understand the risk levels at the right time.

You probably heard the doctor saying if you can bring the patient a little early we can save. The problem is the delay in identifying or diagnosing the disease. If we can identify the future complication we can have an 80% chance to save anyone.

INIGIMA Digital screening records the data and parameters in such a way that we can analyze the body response and analyze the long-term risk.

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