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Hospital Clinic Management

INIGIMA Hospital Clinic Management

Have you experienced some patient visits but they never come back and it’s unknown what happens?
Was the Patients recovered or did they switch to a different Doctor?

NCD and some diseases require regular care and as a Doctor you can not give time to every patient that is why we are here for you to grow your clinic and improve patient care.

Patient care missing due to monitoring & follow-ups




Value Proposition for Doctors

We are helping Doctors to Save Time, Effort  and Increase Revenue by 30%


How you run the clinic today

How we will assist

With INIGIMA system 30% revenue growth


What we do :

1. Follow up with patient
2. Patient health update
3. Manage the health data in INIGIMA Dashboard
4. Medical Transcription
5. Next Doctor Follow-up reminder
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Managed 1000+ patients and every day increasing

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