Construction workers power their way through oppressive heat wave CBS San Francisco

Construction workers power their way through oppressive heat wave CBS San Francisco

Next Waves Site Is Under Renovation!

PacWave will enable technology developers to prove how their wave energy devices perform in highly energetic seas over long periods of time. ChargeUp Europe is delighted to respond to the European Commission’s consultation on a Renovation Wave initiative for both public and private buildings. This initiative can pave the way for upgrading and future proofing existing building stock in a way that enables the benefits of electric vehicles, smart energy systems, renewables and other sustainable technologies to be unlocked. Renovating both public and private buildings is an essential action and has been singled out in the European Green Deal as a key initiative to drive energy efficiency in the sector and deliver on objectives. The European Commission has released a Renovation Wave Strategy to improve the energy efficiency performance of buildings.

Next Waves Site Is Under Renovation!

Train for the job – not on the job – with NextWave Safety’s virtual reality safety training. Through these funds the EU acts as a guarantor for these investments but the largest burden continues to fall on the private sector, therefore clear market signals are crucial. This is where the EU Taxonomy of sustainable activities comes in, which indicates to investors which type of real estate investment is sustainable, giving clear signals to investors on which kind of investments are future proof.


And Light-as-a-Service approaches promote sustainability along the entire lighting lifecycle. Interact Industry delivers smart lighting to help optimize Pilkington Automotive’s new warehouse facility. Harry Verhaar explains why lighting should not be taken for granted and is an essential industry in times of crisis. The new Philips TrueForce LED highbay for industrial applications achieves huge energy savings of up to 65% — and you don’t even need to replace your existing fixtures.

Marketability – Customer engagement improves when construction companies become known for precision, efficiency, and consistency. They can retain more customers, attract plenty of new ones, and begin to establish a brand that differentiates them in a crowded market of similar companies. Mobility – Working from multiple sites at once represents one of the oldest challenges in construction. Integrate technology that extends to mobile devices keeps everyone in the field closely linked to the home office, resulting in fewer errors and delays and more chances to turn exceptional services into increased revenue.

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In the case of the Renovation Wave Strategy, the Commission had identified the need to increase the rate of renovations to reach the climate neutral activities by 2050 while at the same time dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. By embracing Signify’s Interact lighting system, New York municipalities are cutting energy usage, reducing spending, lowering emissions, and creating a platform for smart city deployments. Cities and urban areas need practical solutions to deliver smart city ecosystems for resilience, and to deliver on sustainability goals. Climate targets, and the digital infrastructure transition needed to increase the economic resilience of EU member states, can be greatly helped through the widespread adoption of connected lighting. The testing and verification of civil works guarantee the safety, longevity and quality of construction solutions used for Wavegarden lagoons. The multitude of successive waves replicate the natural ocean environment, offering an authentic surfing experience for customer profiles.

Next Waves Site Is Under Renovation!

Buildings are the largest single energy consumer in Europe, accounting for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of GHG emissions, while lighting for the built environment is responsible for around 50% of a city’s total electricity use. Doubling the building renovation rate from 1.5% to 3% per year, along with energy-efficient lighting retrofits, are indispensable for reaching the Green Deal’s goals for carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, and renewables. In this new version, we expect a policy shift from a focus on new buildings to minimum energy performance standards for existing buildings, the so-called MEPS. This would be a game-changer for the building sector and will require a massive effort by both homeowners as well as governments to finance these renovations. As well as reducing emissions, these renovations will enhance quality of life for people living in and using the buildings, and should create many additional green jobs in the construction sector. The European Commission intends to revise Energy Performance Certificates, and phase in minimum energy performance standards for existing buildings, not only new builds, under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive .

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Before joining FleishmanHillard, she gained experience in the non-profit sector at The Good Lobby and Generation Climate Europe. Given the labour-intensive nature of the construction sector, which is largely dominated by local businesses, building renovations can also play a crucial role in European Next Waves Site Is Under Renovation! economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. To kick-start the recovery, the Commission’s recovery plan further supports renovations for EU buildings. Offices are the biggest testing ground thus far, according to Hubka, with features designed to make workers happier, and therefore more productive.

What is the long term renovation strategy in Hungary?

The Hungarian Long-Term Renovation Strategy sets out the following objectives: Achieve a renovation rate of 3% per year for the total housing stock by 2030. This will reduce the total energy consumption of residential buildings and CO2 emissions by about 20%.

NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to build the future of safety training and workplace safety by developing cutting-edge technology to mitigate project risk, reduce workplace incidents, and drive productivity. We bring an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency to workers, insurers, contractors, and developers. Wavegarden Cove is the most energy-efficient wave generation technology, offering the largest surfer capacity, and the highest quality, quantity and variety of waves. Analyze videos of our complete Wave Menu with specifications for each wave including ride time, wave height, energy consumption and waves per hour, based on the actual performance data of 4 operating Wavegarden facilities.

Objectives of the strategy

Evolving logistical requirements in response to new materials and construction methods that are coming online right now or moving quickly towards maturity. Cost pressures arising from constrained public spending alongside pressure to construct more affordable housing. Managing career growth by facilitating performance metrics and reviews, alerting people to new career opportunities and much more. When it comes to understanding human behaviour and emotions, psychology has been a powerful tool for many years. However, traditional psychology focused primarily on the negative aspects of human experience, such as mental illness and trauma.

The newly awarded Atlantic Marine Energy Center will provide research and testing capabilities for marine energy, with the awarded coalition focusing on powering the blue economy. CORVALLIS, Ore. – The last major pieces of the contract to build the wave energy test facility PacWave South have been executed, paving the way for the completion of the Oregon State University-led facility off the coast of Newport. As the European Commission points out, 80% of today’s buildings will still be in use by 2050 but only 1% of buildings currently undergo renovations each year. They play a significant role in GHG emissions but also have the potential to be at the forefront of providing flexibility to a clean energy system through the integration of distributed energy sources, storage, and intelligent energy management systems. As the world grapples with surging energy prices and an accelerating climate crisis, Signify’s most efficient LED tube to date offers a valuable solution at a crucial time. The A-class tube boasts an additional 60% on energy savings versus standard LED, and is perfect for warehouses, offices and retail spaces.

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There currently is no U.S. facility for developers to measure the electrical and environmental performance of their devices at this scale. The U.S. Department of Energy has already identified and provided funding to a slate of wave energy developers who will begin testing their devices once the PacWave facility is completed, Hales said. Charge stations built into digital streetlights support the Green Deal’s goal of a million EV charging points in Europe by 2025. Savings from energy-efficiency renovations and LED and solar street lighting can power tens of thousands of EVs without extra power generation. Amélie Snijders specializes in energy and climate policy, with a special focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • In the construction industry, optimism can be a powerful tool for increasing worker motivation and productivity.
  • Info event for beneficiaries in SloveniaAn information event about Interreg Europe’s second call for project proposals and funding opportunities of other Interreg programmes for beneficiaries in Slovenia.
  • NextWave Safety helps recognize potential issues before they become financial losses, streamlining the entire compliance process to keep your project on track and on budget.
  • Current safety training environments fall short on successfully educating a diverse workforce and maintaining high training retention rates.

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