Digital Full Body Checkup

Digital Full Body Checkup: Improve patient care by 80 %

Have you heard this news  Sudden’ cardiac arrest is a myth, says India’s top cardiologist

The most common reason for Sudden death is due to :

1.   Lack of Continuous Monitoring and

2.  Unable to understand the risk levels at the right time.

In the last 2 years, we have improved 80 % of health by digital screening process not only we are able to identify future complications and it helped doctors and patients to make quick and effective decisions.


Our Healthcare experts know Every patient’s data tells the story of the disease journey how it evolves and what next.

  • We understand the progress of treatment
  • How patients respond to medicine
  • Is there are any long-term side effects
  • When the secondary complication begin


Now the years of data convert into analytics and pattern to achieve effective and more precise treatment.

Limited time during Doctor consultation

Doctors are unable to spend much time with the patient after an OPD consultation it’s very hard to take the follow-up because they deal with many patients in a day but at the same time, it’s very important.

Poor response to medicine

Many times patients take medicine but doesn’t work or starting to develop side effects.

For Doctors who specially deal with Lifestyle Disease Patients ie Diabetes, Hypertensive, Cardiovascular, and Cancer it’s very important to observe the patient.

Multiple times need to change the medicine for the patient: Due to Patient resistance to the drug due to overuse in past


Just 45 Seconds to Scan the Patient

Even Doctor Spend less time but now the treatment improved by 80% With deep Data Modelling