Stroke Symptoms   

Stroke / Paralysis Symptoms   

Stroke is a combination of multiple complications in the body there are many reasons it can impact any individual like :


Stroke is more likely if you have diabetes, which harms your blood vessels. The damage to your brain is worse if you have a stroke when your blood sugar is high.

High Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure. Your physician might diagnose it as hypertension. It is the primary contributor to strokes. If your normal blood pressure is 130/80 then it’s very important not to skip medication and follow guidelines.


Excess weight means excess fat It frequently results in high blood pressure, and those who have it are more likely to be overweight.

Heart Issues

Atrial fibrillation, or an irregular heartbeat, which accounts for a quarter of all strokes among the extremely elderly, as well as faulty heart valves are all part of this illness. Fatty deposits can also cause obstructed arteries.


Some medications may increase your risk of stroke. For instance, blood-thinning medications that doctors advise taking to avoid blood clots can increase the risk of a stroke through bleeding.