Terms and Condition

Policy Details for CareUp Plus Membership OPD Cover Plan:

This membership plan covers the primary health condition, eg personal doctor consultation in Private Clinic/ Hospital (Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda) so the disease get treated and diagnosed in correct time. If we treated our disease in early condition that will reduce the financial burden and life-threatening condition. By accepting IEEEARC CareUp Plus Membership, it is implied that you agree to Our terms and conditions.


Exclusions Due to Lifestyle

Almost every insurance provider confirms the smoking habits of the insured beforehand. This piece of information is really crucial as it comes in handy if the insured passes away due to a lifestyle issue.Simply put, smokers have lower mortality rates when compared to non-smokers and that’s why the latter are generally put in the high-risk category, which adversely impacts their premium rates, too.Thus, insurance providers have the right to deny the claim if the policyholder dies due to smoking and has failed to mention the same at the time of filling the proposal from.


Other Exclusions in Term Insurance Plans

There are certain exclusions for term insurance plans that are not covered at all: In addition to that Medicine expenses, Diagnosis and treatment charges in not cover in this plan.

Age Group:

15-55 years. Other than that the membership amount may increased.


Suicide or Self-Inflicted injury

If the death of the insured is caused by a self-inflicted injury or participating in life-threatening sports without taking complete precautions, the claim won’t be accepted. Additionally, suicide is almost always on every term insurance policy’s exclusions list. If the policyholder commits suicide within one year of purchasing the policy, no compensation will be paid to his family. However, there are some insurance providers that return the entire premium paid by the insurer after deducting the medical & administrative expenses and any other expenses mentioned in the policy.


Consumption of Narcotics or Intoxication

If the death of the life insured is caused by consumption of drugs or alcohol, the insurer is not liable to compensate the beneficiaries.


Sexually Transmitted Illness

If the insured’s death is caused by STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) such as AIDS, HIV, etc., it isn’t covered under the term insurance plans and any claim made for the same will be rejected by the insurance provider.


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Generally, all term insurance plans are assigned waiting periods for different critical illnesses before they can be covered. Ideally, the waiting period is spans something between 3 months to 4 years.


Death Due to Involvement In Criminal Activities Or Riots

Term insurance policies don’t cover risks that arise from participation in illegal activities or riots.

The nature of term insurance or any other life insurance policy is to cover risks that are unexpected and accidental. Therefore, involvement in such activities proves the policyholder’s intent to be exposed to greater risks.


Claim/Colling Period/Time line

Policy will be activated after 20 days on the day of purchased. To claim the policy member must submit the Doctor prescription and Diagnosis report or  within 24 Hour. Fully covered the amount of Consult with OPD in any Hospital and Private Clinic (Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda) on the Vector Borne Disease on submitting the diagnosis report of the patients if it’s not pre-existing before minimum 20 days. After first consultation the waiting period is minimum 24 days. In case of Pre-Diabetic/BP/Heart Patient the waiting period may extend and the amount settlement will be partial. Get your spouse an option of ‘better half’ benefit that provides an additional life cover for them when you are not around, ensuring complete security for the entire family.